ROQ NEXT XL 14 Color 16 Station Package

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  • Includes Operational Inspection, Professional Teardown, & Crating
  • Ships via Insured Dedicated, Partial, or LTL ECHO Freight
  • Ship Anywhere in the US, Canada & Mexico
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Package Includes:
  • (1) ROQ Next XL 14 Color 16 Station Automatic Press
  • (2) ROQDry Evolution 14400XL Quartz Flash
  • (14) ROQ 16” Squeegees
  • (14) ROQ 16” Winged Floodbars
  • (16) ROQ 16x22” Adult Platens
Equipment Specifications:
  • Year: 2021
  • Impressions: 2.5m
  • Press Diameter:  19.3’
  • Press CFM:  45
  • Press Electrical:  Prewired for Single Phase (23 Amps) or 3 Phase (32 Amps)
  • Flash Electrical: 44 Amps (Each) / 3 Phase

The ROQ NEXT XL is a state-of-the-art automatic press that operates on the super quiet and highly efficient Chain Drive, offering a 20% efficiency boost over the ROQ YOU. This press can produce up to 1,100 pieces per hour seamlessly.

Key Features:

- Independent Lift Printheads: Allows for a hefty print area of 20x28" as standard, with the capability to double index for prints up to 33x39".

- Dual-Chain Drive System: Enables 'Go-To' platen functionality for simple registration and on-demand printing from the LCD screen, with faster indexing for high-quality prints.

- Half Index Feature: Facilitates quick job quality checks by allowing side-to-side press movement to spot check prints.

- Hybrid Digital Compatibility: Compatible with ROQ Hybrid Digital at P18+ for ultimate versatility in production.

The ROQ NEXT XL strikes the perfect balance between the baseline ROQ YOU and the premium ROQ ECO, providing advanced features and flexibility to meet your shop's demands. Print faster, smarter, and more efficiently with the ROQ NEXT XL.

Availability & Shipping Details:
  • Quick Dispatch: Ready to ship within 4-6 weeks of receiving final funds. Need it faster? Ask us how to get it sooner!
  • Location: California

    We ensure every shipment is insured, giving you peace of mind while your equipment is in transit. Freight costs are custom quoted per destination, based on the carrier's rates, ensuring you get the best possible deal.
Optional Professional Installation:

We're happy to take the worry out of setting up your equipment once it arrives. Installation is a variable based on your equipment package. However, for automatic press packages, gas dryers, and larger equipment, professional installation typically starts around $3,800. This includes assembling the equipment, hooking it up to the proper electrical, air, gas, and water lines, ensuring the press is functioning properly, and providing a general overview and functionality of your new machine. For press packages, you will also print a job at the time of installation. 

Please ensure that all necessary utility connections such as air, power, gas, and water lines are already in place and meet the required standards before our technician's arrival. Installation prices can vary based on package size, equipment type, etc. Make sure to specify if you would like installation included in your quote request to ensure you can see all of the numbers upfront.

Optional Professional Training:

Elevate your skills with our hands-on automated screen print training during installation! When you purchase through Embellishr, you gain access to personalized sessions with our expert contract technicians. Training starts at just $1,000 for 8 hours, with the option to add additional days at an exclusive package price. Starting off on the right path has never been so easy.


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Richard Tilley and Nicole Pape standing in front of a torn down Workhorse Sabre Automatic Screen Printing Press
Nicole Pape training while standing in front of the ROQ Oval XL Automatic Screen Printing Press
M&R Automatic Screen Printing Presses, dryers, ink and Red Chili Flash


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