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Seller FAQ's

FAQ's for Sellers provides comprehensive answers to your most pressing questions about selling equipment with Embellishr. Whether you need information on the appraisal process, preparing your equipment for teardown, or understanding our sales and payment procedures, you'll find clear and detailed explanations here. Explore our FAQs to ensure a smooth and successful selling experience.

How to Get Your Equipment Appraised

Start by contacting us at info@embellishr.com or filling out our Contact Form. Once we receive your equipment details, we'll send you a Preowned Equipment Checklist and request images and videos for review. After the assessment, we'll provide a formal appraisal and discuss next steps.

What is the Embellishr Seller Service Fee?

At Embellishr, we handle the heavy lifting, negotiating, and logistics for you, allowing you to retain 88% of the final sales price. Our 12% Service Fee covers the following:

- Fair Market Value Appraisals
- Curating Competitive Resale Pricing
- Strategic Multi-Platform Marketing
- Buyer Negotiations & Procurement
- Lien Buyouts
- Professional Teardown
- Crating and Insured Shipment Logistics and Management

Additionally, our services extend to the buyer side with project management, select warranties, delivery execution, professional installation, training, and service contracts.

Who Covers Crating and Freight Costs?

Embellishr handles all crating, teardown, shipping, and training costs, covered by the buyer in addition to the sale price. We'll work with you and your bank to settle any lien balance before the scheduled teardown. Once fully funded, an Embellishr Contract Technician will manage the professional teardown, crating, and shipping. The remaining balance from the sale will be transferred to you upon completion.

Why Sell Your Equipment Through Embellishr?

At Embellishr, we aim to maintain the value of premium equipment in the current used and new market landscape. We establish a fair market resale value, initiate strategic marketing efforts, and facilitate sales. Leveraging our platform and diverse advertising strategies, including email, SMS, and social marketing, we showcase your equipment to our extensive database of industry decorators and beyond.

Our comprehensive service includes updating you on progress, reviewing offers together, and accepting full-price offers on your behalf. If your equipment is financed, we work with your financier to manage the loan buyout based on the accepted sales price. After the sale is confirmed, we coordinate the arrival of our Contract Technician for professional teardown and crating. Once the shipment departs your facility and we receive the required shipping documents, you receive 50% of your funds, with the remaining balance disbursed upon successful delivery to the new owner. We handle the entire process, allowing you to focus on what matters most!

My Pre-Owned Checklist Has Been Submitted, What Are the Next Steps?

Once you submit your Pre-Owned Checklist, we’ll provide a Fair Market Value Appraisal within 3 business days. After you review and approve the Resale Package, sign our Brokerage Agreement, we’ll get started with our strategic marketing strategy. We’ll then promote your equipment across multiple platforms, generate organic buyer interest, and handle all negotiations. We take care of everything, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free selling experience.

How Can I Gain Buyer Attention?

We recommend reaching out to your dedicated Embellishr representative to discuss potential adjustments that could enhance your listing’s visibility and expedite the sale. Extended listing periods can result from several factors, such as initially set prices now perceived as too high due to changing market conditions or the unique nature of your equipment limiting the buyer pool. To stimulate interest and facilitate a quicker sale, we can explore creative options like flash sales, promotions, price reductions, unique financing arrangements, and more.

How Does My Nearly New Equipment Impact Price?

Having nearly brand-new 'used' equipment presents both challenges and opportunities. Minimal depreciation means its value closely aligns with current retail prices, putting it in direct competition with new manufacturers offering discounts. If your newer equipment is under a loan, be prepared for a slight decrease in value to stay competitive. Sellers have a few options: set a competitive price to attract buyers quickly, maintain a higher price and market over time with flexibility, or wait until the equipment depreciates further, making it more appealing in the used market.

How Does the Uniqueness of My Equipment's Configuration or Features Influence Its Sales Price?

The distinctive configuration or features of your equipment can significantly impact its sales price. Uniqueness can be both an asset and a challenge. If the features align with market demand, they can enhance the equipment's value, potentially justifying a higher price. However, if the uniqueness makes it less universally appealing, it might limit the potential buyer pool.

What is the Typical Timeframe for Selling Equipment on Your Platform?

The timeframe for selling equipment on our platform varies based on factors like specifications, price, location, timeline, and market conditions. On average, sales take 45 to 65 days, though some transactions happen quickly, while others may exceed 90 days. If you need to sell urgently, adjusting the price can ensure a timely sale. For those with more flexibility, periodic price adjustments are recommended, with guidance from our trusted resale advisors to help optimize your listing.

Why Do I Need a Forklift On-Site During Teardown and Loading?

Having a Forklift on site is essential during the Embellishr Contract Technicians' professional teardown, crating, and loading processes. Capital equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, and using a forklift with a minimum rating of 5,000 lbs and 6' Fork Extensions ensures stability and support. This helps reduce the risk of damage to your equipment during these critical stages. If you must ‘self-load’ and don't have a qualified Forklift technician on staff, consider reaching out to local Forklift or Heavy Machinery Rental services to ensure the availability of the appropriate equipment and expertise.

When Will Payment Be Processed?

Upon completion of truck loading and receipt of all shipping requirements (including images of the loaded truck and a signed BOL), 50% of your final funds will be initiated. The remaining balance will be disbursed upon delivery, following recipient confirmation that all items listed on your Master Packing Slip are accounted for.

How Does Having My Equipment Already Torn Down, Crated, and Ready for Shipment Impact the Sales Process?

If your equipment is already torn down, crated, and ready for shipment, our Contract Technicians are unable to perform an Operational Inspection beforehand. While we can still consider selling your pre-crated equipment on a case-by-case basis, the seller will bear full responsibility for any misrepresentations, repairs, damages, or replacements needed to ensure the operational integrity of the equipment upon installation. If Embellishr opts to represent your pre-crated equipment, we reserve the right to withhold final funding until after inspection, installation, and satisfaction sign-off by the purchasing party. Once these conditions are met, Embellishr will release all available proceeds to the seller.

How Can I Avoid the Cleaning Fee and Prepare My Equipment for Teardown?

To avoid our minimum $1,000 Cleaning Fee, please make sure to have all items, including the press,  squeegees, floodbars, platens, and other accessories, cleaned of ink, pallet tape, adhesive, etc., prior to our Technician's arrival. 

A few tips include:

  1. Use Rapid Remover to get rid of adhesive. 
  2. Vacuum out all lint. 
  3. Use a drill with a brush head to get lint out of your screens on your flashes. 

 If you have any questions, please reach out: info@embellishr.com 

Will the Technician Disconnect My Hard-Wired Press?

Our technician requires the press to remain operable to perform an Operational Inspection before teardown. Therefore, you will need to request an electrician onsite for Day 1 of your scheduled teardown to disconnect any hardwired unit once the technician confirms it is ready to be powered down, unless otherwise specified in your Project Call.