ScreenPro 600 Inline CTS

  • Inline Imaging & Exposure In 1 Minute
  • Proprietary Non-Clog UV Blocking Ink
  • Precision 600 - 12,000 DPI Halftones & Gradients
  • Includes Desktop Computer, RIP Software, & More
Maximum Image Size:

20″W × 26″D

(508 mm × 660.4 mm)


ColorPRINT RIP Software Specs:

  • File Generation: Creates .prt screen files
  • Job Properties Presets: Frequency, angle, and halftone dot shape
  • Settings: Screen and image size, print quality

Print Production Screen (PPS) Software Specs:

  • Job Previews: Various types including color channel, magnified dot, and mirror previews
  • Quality Check: Allows detailed job inspection before printing

Printer Control Software (PCS) Specs:

  • Interface: User-friendly
  • Monitoring: Interactive printer status
  • Settings: Printer option adjustments
  • Control Commands: Print, abort, pause, resume, and reset
Power Requirements:

Single phase 220V±10% (50/ 60Hz, AC)
4.5 Amps Maximum
1000 W

Printhead Specifications:
  • Technology: DOD piezoelectric inkjet
  • Print Head: 600 DPI piezo print head
  • Recommended Print Resolution: 1440 × 1200 dpi

59.8″× 66.9″× 53.1″

(1520 mm × 1700 mm × 1350 mm)


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ScreenPro 600 CTS

Works with All Automatic Press Brands & All Emulsion Types.

Screen Pro 600 CTS, Computer-to-screen the Evolution. Ditch the film and reduce labor stat! Reduce Cost, Non Clog Ink, High Resolution, Inline Fast Exposure, burning screens in less than 60 seconds per screen! Step up your print game and capture more details up to 1200 DPI!

Image & Exposure In 60 Seconds

With an all-inclusive system, [Computer, RIP Software, Imaging & Burning Unit included], maximize your darkroom efficiency and achieve faster press times with superior image quality.

ScreenPro 600 ROI Breakdown

Process 100 screens a day, and the ScreenPro 600 CTS will pay for itself in less than a year through film cost savings alone!

ROI for Processing 25 Screens Per Day

- 25 Screens/Day: $54,995 Investment / $13,000 Annual Film Savings = 4.25 Years ROI

ROI for Processing 50 Screens Per Day

- 50 Screens/Day: $54,995 Investment / $26,000 Annual Film Savings = 2.1 Years ROI

ROI for Processing 100 Screens Per Day

- 100 Screens/Day: $54,995 Investment / $52K Annual Film Savings = 1 Year ROI

By processing 100 screens per day, the equipment pays for itself in just one year through film savings alone.

ROI to Payoff

By processing 100 screens per day, the equipment pays for itself in just one year through film savings alone.

Why Screen Pro 600 Inline CTS Stands Out. Boost Your Quality, Faster Exposure, Bye Bye Pinholes, Increase Efficiency, Enhanced Halftones, Optimize Workflow

It's Time To Ditch The Film

Say goodbye to costly film and hello to automation with technology. Investing in profitability has never been this easy or exciting.

UP TO 1,200 DPI

Solid Halftones & Gradients

Advanced Inkjet Technology Screen Pro 600 CTS Imaging System
ScreenPRO Superior CTS Black Ink
ScreenPRO Superior CTS Ink Water-based Flushing Fluid


Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on your Advanced Inkjet Technology products. Invest in equipment that delivers ROI and secure your operations.

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Advanced Inkjet Technology Screen Pro 600 CTS Imaging System
Advanced Inkjet Technology Screen Pro 600 CTS Imaging System


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